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posticon What to Expect When You’re Expecting…Snow

Our local municipality sent out a reminder on how to prepare and what to do when expecting snowfall (which we, in the entire Eastern portion of the US are currently facing). We appreciate and value these tips, so we are passing them on to you.  None of these are surprising; mostly common sense, but easily forgotten.

The following are suggestions for measures you can take to help your local snow and ice removal companies complete their jobs quickly and efficiently:

  • Please limit travel during snow storms to trips that are necessary.  Once roads have been plowed and salted, the potential for accidents is greatly reduced.
  • Please park your vehicles in your driveways and off the road.  If you must park on the street, try to park on one side of the street only.  Parked cars hinder the speed and efficiency of our snow removal operation.  Vehicles may only be parked in authorized areas.  Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas may be towed.
  • Snow plows are designed to remove snow from the roadway to the edge of the road.  It is likely that the plow will leave behind a window of snow in front of your driveway.  Residents are responsible for removing the snow.  Additionally, when you remove snow from the driveway apron, please push it to the right as you look from your driveway to the street.  This will further help eliminate the possibility of your driveway being plowed in again.
  • Please do not plow snow from your driveways and walkways into the road.  Please pile the snow in your yard (the better to make snowmenpeople with).  Remember, you are also responsible for your snow removal contractor’s actions.
  • When snow plows are used during snowfalls, the initial pass of the snowplow is made to open up the road for traffic flow.  The following passes will push the snow to the curb line or road edge.  This is necessary in order to allow for the drainage of melting snow into catch basins and to allow more space to plow future snow accumulations.
  • To avoid salt hitting your vehicle while driving, move away from the center of the road when you see a salt truck approaching from the opposite direction.  Salt trucks are designed to deposit more salt near the center of the road, as the salt works its way to the road edge as traffic runs over it.  Please try to stay back approximately 200 feet from the rear of a truck while it deploys the material.
  • Remove your portable basketball hoops and trailers from the street and place them on your property.
  • When calling your local Public Works Department, please keep messages simple and direct.  Be certain to state your name, phone number, the problems you are calling about, and its location.

By following the recommendations listed, you will be assisting your local snow and ice removal contractors in providing you with safe and efficient snow removal operations.  Stay safe and be aware of the situations around you.  Snow season is almost over…we can do this!

posticon Be Ahead of the Weather

Did you know that there are resources available by state to stay up-to-date with traffic incidents, construction and weather related notifications?

The U.S. Department of Transportation, with the approval of the Federal Featured imageCommunications Commission, developed the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) to increase traffic efficiency and safety on the nation’s roadways. Continue Reading