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September 2017

August 2017

  • Employment Related Lawsuits” Like its cousin the slip-and-fall, these claims can be a slippery slope for snow and ice management contractors.-Snow Magazine, 2017

October 2016

  • What’s Important” Snow Magazine’s insurance insider Matthew Peterson explores the topic of whether additional insured provisions on snow removal general liability insurance is still important?
    -Snow Magazine, 2016

September 2016

  • Risk in Compliance?” According to Snow Magazine’s Matt Peterson, insurance compliance for subcontractors with respect to liability will be a major theme for Winter 2016–17.-Snow Magazine, 2016

May 2016

  • Bunker Mentality” You don’t have to seclude yourself into a doomsday bunker to be oblivious to the industry changes that are happening around you, and how the agents of change are striving to not only improve business conditions, but to legitimize our industry.
    -Snow Magazine, 2016

  • ASCA legislation passes Illinois House” The anti-indeminity legislation is two steps away from being reality, says assocaition executive director.
    -Snow Magazine, 2016

  • ASCA legislation clears Michigan House” HB-5230, which would limit hold-harmless agreements, now heads to the state senate for approval.-Snow Magazine, 2016

March 2016

  • On the move” Forward progress was made recently at the state level with regard to ASCA-backed bills. Executive Director Kevin Gilbride shares news from the “land of Lincoln,” as well as updates on where legislation stands in other states.-Snow Magazine, 2016

October 2015

  • The heart of the matter” It’s important to understand your general liability policy and the additional exposure you may need to add to your premiums.-​Snow Magazine, 2015 – by Matthew Peterson

August 2015

  • ASCA report: ‘Waive’ your liens goodbye” The devil truly is in the details of any service agreement. Review the backbone of any snow and ice management contract – including the “waiver of liens” language — to ensure you get paid.-Snow Magazine, 2015 – by Matthew Peterson

May 2015

  • We’ve Got You Covered” Matt Peterson provides an update on the new snow liability insurance program and why you need to be involved.
    -Snow Magazine, 2015 – by Matthew Peterson

March 2015

  • March Webinar: Understanding Insurance” Matt Peterson, CRIS and insurance industry expert, discusses the state of insurance for the professional snow and ice management industry, then he gets in the hot seat and answers questions about what goes into securing insurance for a snow contractor, pricing, the impact of slip-and-fall claims, how to best deal with your insurance company, and more.-Snow Magazine, 2015 – by Matthew Peterson

October 2014

  • Take the Pain” How to best deal with “those” insurance people-Snow Magazine, 2014 – by Matthew Peterson

September 2014

  • Solid Contracts” Certain specifics are needed in your snow and ice management agreements to take advantage of the insurance program-Snow Magazine, 2014 – by Matthew Peterson

August 2014

  • A New Partnership” Associate “snow” with “risk control” and it’s no longer a dirty word.  A new insurance product rewards contractors who do things the right way-Snow Magazine, 2014 – by Matthew Peterson

  • The Game Changer” A new insurance program has emerged for snow and ice managers that not only ensures affordable coverage, but redefines professionalism for the industry-Snow Magaine, 2014 – by Mike Zawacki

  • ASCA Update” the ASCA office has been a busy place this summer preparing for a number of events, as well as assisting contractors earning their ASCA-C and embarking on the ISO 9001/SN 9001 process.  Here’s an update of what’s been going on in recent weeks-Snow Magazine, 2014 – by SNOW Staff

June 2014

  • Another Battle Won”  ASCA’s Kevin Gilbride outlines a new, specialized insurance program for snow and ice managers that recognizes the higher level of standards of ASCA Certified (ASCA-C) Professionals-Snow Magazine, 2014 – Insurance, Industry News

May 2014

  • The Negligence Bubble is Bursting”  That popping noise you hear may not be an altitude adjustment from skyrocketing insurance premiums.  Change is afoot for professional snow and ice managers-Snow Magazine, 2014 – by Matthew Peterson

March 2014

  • Part of the Solution” So you support legislative change as a means to improve the professional snow and ice management industry…now what?  ASCA’s Kevin Gilbride outlines how to back up all of the talk for a better business environment-Snow Magazine, 2014 – Industry News