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In order to provide a quote for your insured in our Preferred Snow Contractors Program, we require the following items to assist in the underwriting of the account:

  • Completed Snow Removal Supplemental Application (email to obtain a copy)
  • Acord 125 & 126
  • 5 Years of Loss History, currently valued
  • All copies of known Snow Removal Contracts used with clients – future contracts must be submitted if coverage is requested
  • List and description of all properties to be serviced by the applicant
  • If available, please forward sample preseason site inspection used by the applicant
  • ASCA Membership Certificate – in good standing
  • (We are a “preferred program”, requiring the insured to AT LEAST be a member of the ASCA prior to quoting. Membership is the initial step to qualifying for our program. After becoming members, there are online courses for the applicant to take, in order to initiate and complete the certification process. It is ideal for the insured to be ASCA-Certified at the time of quoting/binding, but we can make the exception, allowing the insured up to 30 days to complete the online courses. Membership, however, is mandatory to qualify for our program. For more information on the membership and certification process, please visit the ASCA membership page )

Please feel to fill out our contact form or call us at (888) 360-SNOW(7669).