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Peterson Insurance Services will be available to the retail agent for direct claim reporting, during our business hours of 9am-5pm. Prior to calling, please have your insured’s policy number and claim details available. We will forward your claims information to the carrier and will act as your claims resource throughout the process. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
​Many times the agent is first to receive notice of loss from the insured or the client of the insured, and we ask that you follow these procedures to enable our claims department to provide quality service to the insured.
The quicker the claims personnel make contact with the insured or claimant, the easier it is to resolve the claim and hold down costs. We therefore ask that the insured email all information in their possession regarding the claim to us as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours.
​Many of our first reports of loss come by way of litigation.  Because of the time constraints applicable to lawsuits, we ask that they be immediately faxed or emailed to us, or if they are too voluminous, mailed overnight.  Please do not send by regular mail.
For your convenience, feel free to use our Incident Report Form to supply to your client’s for their ease of use when dealing with a claim.
In addition to providing us with either the above Incident Report Form, or standard Acord claims form, we also ask that you gather and forward the following information:

  • Client contract that was executed / agreements you entered into for services at the accident location
  • Plow Logs / Tickets for one week before and one week after accident date at the accident location, including any other documentation showing materials used
  • Invoices relating to services you provided at the accident location, including the time period at least one week before and one week after accident date
  • Any accident reports prepared by you or anyone else, including the property owner / manager, relating to the claim
  • Any communications (including letters, emails, notes, etc.) between you and the claimant or their attorney relating to the claim

Receipt of the above information will allow us to properly investigate the claim and provide you with the best service possible.

* If you are the insured, we ask that you please contact your retail agent directly with any claims correspondence.