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Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA)



Who is ASCA?

Accredited Snow Contractors Association

The Accredited Snow Contractors Association is a trade association dedicated to advancing the needs of the snow and ice management industry. ASCA members are snow and ice management businesses, suppliers of snow and ice equipment, subcontractors performing snow and ice services, and others allied to the field.


ASCA Insurance Program


In 2011, insurance brought in $500 million in premiums from the snow and ice management industry, but paid out nearly $1 billion in claims. That’s a 2-1 loss ratio for the insurance industry. To most, snow would seem to be bad business to insure. As a result, each winter fewer and fewer carriers were willing to insure snow and ice operations, with as many as eight to twelve standard carriers leaving altogether. The soaring claims cost that insurance carriers are facing has forced insurance carriers to raise the premium cost for snow removal general liability. The initial unplanned hike in premiums was a wakeup call for the industry to do some soul searching or else face the reality of becoming uninsurable. It was around this time that the snow contractor had to become the snow and ice management professional.


The driving force behind the creation of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association was the development of an insurance program specifically developed for professional snow and ice management companies. In order to accomplish this, the ASCA relies on its five committees:


  • Industry Standards Committee, which has collaborated to put in writing the first ever set of Industry Standards for the professional snow and ice management industry. These standards are the basis of the ASCA’s ISO certification process and are a huge influence on the outside world.

  • Education Committee, which has established the education requirements for the ASCA, based upon the ANSI Approved National Standards and programs that will reduce risk for ASCA members.

  • Government Affairs Committee, which is working to protect snow and ice contractors nationwide from the laws that plague our industry. The committee is working with the U.S. House of Representatives and state legislators to enact change in our legal system.

  • Membership Committee, which has established ASCA’s programs and policies to acquire and serve their membership.


Safety Committee, which has been created to establish a basic safety protocol for the professional snow and ice management industry. This committee will work to establish recommended safety procedures complied from the best practices of the top contracts nationwide. This will include a broad range of protocol including training, safety plans, safety procedures, etc.


With the success that the ASCA has had in utilizing the above committees, an ASCA-preferred insurance program has entered the market. This program is specifically designed for the snow and ice management contractors who have taken the extra steps to manage their risk and educate themselves on the proper procedures, and work towards achieving operations that are consistent with industry standards.


Although insurance claims could always be a part of the industry’s insurance equation, slip and fall losses don’t have to be the only factor in evaluating a good risk vs. a bad risk. This new insurance program, which was developed by ASCA’s trusted snow and ice management experts, could now assist the membership in taking the steps needed to benefit from a more predictable insurance environment. By following industry standards and improving documentation along with education, the insurance program can offer discounts and bring some stability to the industry. Likewise, the insurance program recognizes the ISO certification; this may qualify the applicant for additional account credits for snow and ice management operations that have earned ISO 9001/SN 9001 certification.


Contact Snow Removal Insurance Brokerage today to find out more on this preferred program, by emailing, or via phone at (888) 360-SNOW(7669).


Why Join ASCA?


High-level snow professionals understand the big issues facing our industry: skyrocketing insurance costs, a lack of professional standards, and poorly written laws. We are here to remedy this situation and make your business a more profitable and successful one. The ASCA was created to provide the appropriate education and ANSI Approved American National Standards to guard you and your business against risk. In addition to representing the industry with the insurance world, ASCA represents the industry with local, state, and federal governments, provides continuing education, and an opportunity to network with your peers.


What does it take to join?


-Step 1


Joining the ASCA


The ASCA provides the tools needed to protect yourself from the legal and financial risks associated with your profession. ASCA members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Education – This includes access to ASCA-C, the tools needed for ISO 9001/SN 9001 standards, and industry updates.

  • Networking – Our extensive membership allows you to network and connect with your peers.

  • Legislative Action – At both the state and federal levels, the ASCA is creating change within the industry.

  • Insurance Support – The cost of insurance should not prevent you from doing business. The ASCA has made it a priority to advocate the interests of our industry with insurance companies.


To see membership dues and join the ASCA, please visit the membership page.


-Step 2


Becoming ASCA Certified


Over the past few years, the ASCA developed the first ever written industry standards for the Professional Snow and Ice Management Industry. Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), these standards are known as System Requirements for Snow and Ice Management Services, ANSI documents number ANSI/ASCA A1000-2014. ASCA Certification ensures you have received education on these standards.


ASCA-C will support your business through insurance cost reductions, providing a strong competitive advantage, and offering higher value to your clients. With the industry standards and the education completed by ASCA certified contractors, the insurance world can have a true base line in predicting or forecasting claims.


The steps to certification are simple:

  • Become an ASCA member

  • Create a login in the Learning Center

  • Purchase and take ten Level 101 courses to earn your initial ASCA Certification


Certification pricing and courses are available 24/7 in the Learning Center. After your courses are competed, you will receive a confirmation email and certificate from the ASCA. You can now enjoy the benefits and peace of mind that comes with being an ASCA-C snow professional.


Mission Statement


The Accredited Snow Contractors Association is a trade association with the purpose of advancing the professional snow and ice management industry and to promote its role in performing high-risk services to society including:

  1. Providing educational programs and publications in all aspects of snow and ice management, finance, business management, marketing and other specialized areas of professional interest.

  2. Conducting meetings and other programs designed to promote the exchange of ideas among members and to facilitate the conduct of their business.

  3. Collecting and disseminating information pertaining to the snow and ice management industry, including statistical data and other statistical research.

  4. Developing and maintaining professional accreditation programs to encourage high standards for snow and ice management professionals.

  5. Advocating the interest of the snow and ice management industry to local, state/provincial, federal and international governmental bodies.

  6. Advocating the interests of the snow and ice management industry to insurance companies and allied associations.


For more information, visit ASCA membership page or contact our office.


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Accredited Snow Contractors Association