The anti-indemnity legislation is two steps away from being reality, says association executive director.

“The Illinois House of Representatives today unanimously (116-0) passed the ASCA’s model legislation, which is now just two steps away from becoming reality.”

“We are very excited by what has happened with the Illinois House today and with the momentum moving forward,” says ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride.

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The Snow and Ice Management industry had a monumental day yesterday. And Republicans & Democrats tend to agree on one thing…helping the snow industry…

Illinois:  the ASCA supported legislation passed the Senate a couple of weeks ago unanimously.  The Illinois Assembly took the Bill up quickly and had a hearing last Thursday in the Judiciary Committee where is also passed unanimously.  Yesterday, the bill went to the Assembly floor and passed unanimously!  There was an amendment to it, so the Senate will approve that amendment today.  The Bill will then go to the Governor for his signature (or Veto).
ASCA Director Kevin Gilbride anticipates him signing this, of course, and doing so relatively quickly.

Matthew Peterson of SRIB:
“We will continue to monitor as progress is made in other states.  The real question becomes, what could new laws mean as it relates to fighting off claims?   Will these types of laws render contractual risk transfer unimportant?    In the meantime, the importance of property owners hiring qualified snow contractors who actually document their services is the number one.  I don’t see that going away.

Underwriting & Claims are both doing a great job with respect to our Snow program… and both sides of the house need to be aware of these trends in legislation.”


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